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Complete Recording Services

Are you ready to record your album? Tullen Sound Recording in Morristown, New Jersey, offers professional album production and recording services for musicians, voiceover artists, and more. We also provide full-service audio production services to businesses.

Full-Service Album Production

Producing a professional album is a long and complex process. Come to a studio with decades of experience. Whether you want a demo, an audition tape, or a complete album, we have all the equipment and expertise you need. Our services include:

Recording | Editing | Mastering |  
CD Duplication

Any Genre

 Skipp Tullen has recorded and produced albums in a wide variety of genres, including:

Jazz (Vocal & Instrumental) |
Classical (Vocal & Instrumental) |
Pop | Opera 

Colton Skipp Tullen Working in His Studio

Applications, Auditions, & Demos

Our facilities are perfect for prospective music majors who are applying to competitive college music programs. High-quality sound gives you an edge over the competition. We also provide audition recordings for orchestra and theater applications and demos for soloists and ensembles. In addition, we record students applying to college in order to enhance the chances of their being accepted.

Courses & Teaching

Skipp Tullen has taught recording engineering courses at William Paterson University and Montclair State University to prepare future engineers for careers in audio recording. His courses are also invaluable for preparing performance majors for the studio experience. Skipp also helps universities and colleges with curriculum design and is available as a guest lecturer. He is an experienced classroom teacher who delivers engaging presentations on sound recording procedures and technology, the physics of sound, and related topics.

Composing & Arranging

We put you in touch with talented composers and arrangers who work in a wide variety of musical styles. Reach out and let us know what you're looking for.


Hire a consultant with more than 38 years of experience in sound recording. Skipp Tullen helps clients with:

Microphone Selection & Usage | Home Recording Studio Setup |
Recording Facility Upgrades at Colleges, Universities & Businesses |

Improving Home Studio Recordings

Digital recording technologies are becoming more and more affordable, enabling musicians and composers to record at home. However, high-quality equipment is not enough to get great sound. Skipp helps you improve your home recording studio and provides professional guidance on sound engineering, mixing, and design.


Once your album is finished, you need to get it into the hands of your intended audience. We offer in-house duplication services for short runs of CDs. For large orders, we use outside sources such as Disc Makers.