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About Us

Tullen Sound Recording is a fully equipped recording studio based in Morristown, New Jersey, only one hour from New York City. Its owner and chief engineer, Skipp Tullen, is an experienced recording engineer with more than 38 years in the recording industry. He designed the facility and did all the wiring himself. He also maintains much of the equipment.

Colton Skipp Tullen Profile and Studio

Dr. Colton "Skipp" Tullen - Résumé

Professional Experience:
Owner & Chief Engineer, Tullen Sound Recording, 1977 - Present
Montclair State University, Visiting Specialist, Music Department, September 1998 - June 2002
William Paterson University, Visiting Professor, Music Department, September 1997 - June 1998
Professor & Chairperson, Department of Physics/Engineering Science, County College of Morris
Holder of FCC First-Class Radiotelephone License
Designer of Physical Science Demonstrations for McGraw-Hill Films™
Co-Author of Astronomy Text for NASA

Summer Vacation Replacement Engineer for:
WQXR, Transmitter Engineer
CBS-TV, Broadcast Electronics Construction
ABC-TV, Video Tape Engineer
WMCA, Transmitter Engineer

Academic History:
Ed.D. in Science Education & Instructional Technology, Teachers College, Columbia University
M.A. in Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
B.A. in Physics, Columbia College, Columbia University

Other Experience:
K2PXQ, Amateur Radio Operator
Drummer in "CT-3", with Piano and Tenor Sax

Our Equipment (Abbreviated List)

Musical Instruments:
Yamaha™ C-7 Conservatory Grand Piano
Yamaha™ KX-88 keyboard controller
Roland™ MKS-20 Keyboard Synthesizer Module (Piano, Harpsichord, Rhodes, Clavinet, Vibes)
Proteus™ One Synthesizer Module
Yamaha™ RX-5 Drum Machine
DX-7 Rack Modules (2)
Yamaha™ G50-112 Guitar Amplifier
Ampeg™ B-15 Bass Amplifier
Gibson™ Classic Guitar
Ludwig™ "Classic" Drum Kit with Large Assortment of Avedis Zildjian™ Cymbals

Amek "Mozart" - 40 input, 32 bus, VCA automation.

Digital Tape:
Tascam™ DA-88 (24 tracks)
 Tascam DA-40 DAT 
Sony™ PCM 2300 DAT

Digital Audio Workstation:
Pro Tools™ (24 Tracks)

Control Room Monitors:
Main - B&W™ 802
Near-field - JBL™ LSR28P

Video Decks:
Sony™ UVW-1800 (Beta SP)
JVC™ CR-600U (3/4" U-Matic)

Beyer Dynamic™

CD Recorders:

Analog Tape:
MCI™ JH-24 (2", 24 Track)
Sony™ 5003 (1/4", Stereo with Time Code)

Digital Reverberation:
Lexicon™ PCM-70 (2 units)
WAVES & Digidesign Plug-Ins for Pro Tools™